Our Vision is to provide healthy cooking oil for all.

The Company

Soon Hup Edible Oil Sdn Bhd

Commenced business in 1978 as a coconut oil repacking and trading company. After years of experience in this field, our core business remains in the repacking, distribution and marketing of edible oil by successfully expanded our range of product offerings from RBD Palm Olein, RBD Sunflower Oil, RBD Canola Oil and other RBD edible oil for domestic and international market.

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Bottle Filling, Pillow Pouches, Filtration System, Epoxy Coating Floor

Our Production line is capable of various packaging size - between 250ml to 20 litre.
We want to ensure that our customers get the finest quality edible oil, hence, we source our supplies from only the most reputable refineries.

We belive in product quality. At regular intervals, we send oil samples to independent chemical laboratories for product quality testing and verification.